Our friend, the traveling Dog Bono, became very popular over night :)

Our dear and loyal frined Bono became very popular when the Croatian national tourist board noticed his picture from when we were traveling in the vicinity of Zadar, Croatia and decided to post it on their instagram profile. Here is the link: https://www.instagram.com/p/_Tge4roWFZ/

The post gained almost 2000 likes over night and it’s still growing. We bring you more pictures of him, and hopefully it will make him even a bigger star!

His passport-like image:

Bono on the beach
Bono on the beach

His goofy side:

Bono playing with a friend
Bono playing with a friend

And how could I resist uploading the Bono shaped birthday cake (we admit that it was a little hard slicing him, but he was delicious! :D)

Bono-shaped birthday cake
Bono – birthday cake edition


And some more images:


If you can’t get enough of this goofy bone-chewing beast, be sure to follow us and will let you know how is he doing, and where is he planing to go next 😀

Have a nice day! 🙂