Get over post-vacation blues

Almost everyone who enjoys traveling is subject to what is commonly known as the post-vacation blues, a type of stressed or blue mood that can affect you in the period after returning from a long-awaited vacation.

Having to get back into the routine of work, school, and daily life in general can be a source of distress, disorientation and discomfort as you feel you just can’t settle back in.

Indeed, for some people, post-vacation blues can result in a feeling that you no longer want to keep doing what you’re doing and all you can think about is making an enormous change to your life.

While it may be unpleasant, the post-vacation blues can be overcome with a little determination and a focus on accepting what the vacation gave you and how valuable your everyday life is. Here are some tips to readjust


Take it easy

To help make the transition from holidays to work, pace yourself for the first two days. Return calls, get up to speed with what has happened and ensure you go straight home to rest. One of the reasons why some of us can get in a funk is because we return to work full bore — it’s the same syndrome as getting a cold or flu in the first week of your holidays. Make sure colleagues and clients don’t bombard you, and allow yourself little breaks such as walking around the block or sitting outside to have your coffee in peace.

Remember to be positive

Count your blessings and thank your stars for the refreshing break. Don’t think of work as a burden but a time to make a fresh start. Wear brighter colours and pop your favourite holiday picture onto your screen saver.

Blues are temporary


Remember that after a week, you will be over the sulks, and ready to engross yourself in your work life again. Be easy on yourself for the first week back — watch a movie, go for a massage, sleep longer or plan your next vacation — whatever makes you happy.

Focus on a new project

Perhaps you simply need a fun activity one night a week to keep your mind engaged, and your body healthy. Try dancing, fencing or something wild. It may be work related — perhaps you could join a new professional association, volunteer for a task force, or shadow someone from another department? “Keeping active is the key to feeling alive. You don’t have to go on holiday for that,” Fuller says.

 Stay connected with the world of travel

You don’t need to stop hanging around people who are in travel mode. Indeed, keeping in touch with people who are on vacation or traveling can be a way of keeping your spirits up.

 Start planning a return trip

The best way to overcome the post-vacation blues is to know you have another vacation to look forward to. If you’re financially able, start looking for transportation, lodging, etc. early as well for the least expensive rates and ticket prices. Or at the very least, start saving up and putting aside money every week toward the next vacation. It will soon add up and it’s a great way to focus yourself when you’re tempted to waste money on sugary treats or anything other light vice that you can do without.