Taxi service in Prague – safety measures

The taxi service in Prague is relatively cheap, unless you get scammed, and there is a high chance that you will if you take just any taxi that you stumble upon. The average price for a taxi ride in Prague is about 200 – 300 CZK (7-10€) -> don’t pay more than that!

The number one tip that I can give you: Call a reliable taxi company! – even if there is a taxi available in front of you. The taxi company will get you a taxi in a matter of minutes – you can always call them before you leave your restaurant, club or other attraction so you don’t have to wait in the street. Also you will receive an SMS with the info about the taxi that will pick you up and when will it arrive. All taxi services call centers speak English and they operate 24/7.

Here is a list of taxi services I recommend you call:

Taxi company Phone number
AAA Radiotaxi 14 0 14
City Taxi 257 257 257
Profi Taxi 14 0 15
Halotaxi 2 4411 4411
Sedop 777 666 333

If you nevertheless decide to take a taxi that is in front of you, keep this things in mind:

  • Make sure the taxi has a yellow roof lamp, and the taxi info on both sides of the front car doors
  • Ask in advance for the price – if it’s more than 300 CZK (10 €) – it’s probably a scam unless you are going outside of Prague.

As the Prague public transportation is very good, you are probably going to take a taxi only at night when the metro is not running and the tram line is not that good to where you are going, so be careful!

As for going to the airport, railway station or bus station, we suggest you book your transfer online in advance, it will be cheaper that a regular taxi, and more comfortable as the driver will wait for you specifically so you don’t have to wait for the taxi line which can be really big when a few flights arrive at the same time… We offer a transfer from airport to any hotel in Prague for about 29 €. You can book your transfer here.

Had any bad experience with taxi transportation in Prague? Write it here and help others stay safe 🙂